Victoria Peninsular - Cocodrilo Marina

  • Bonaire
  • Mal Pas
  • Alcudia
  • Port de Pollença
Mal Pas Beach
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Nature reserve and historical landmarks!

This is a beautiful unspoilt area of Mallorca where few tourists tread.  It is mainly used by locals, particularly the picnic areas in the forests.

There used to be a monastery in the mountain which is now a hostel and community centre. A walk to the top of the mountain will reward you with breathtaking views of 2 bays, the bay of Pollensa and the bay of Alcudia.

Most of this area is protected and the sound of wild goats can be heard walking along the mountain paths.  The waters are crystal clear, making it perfect for swimming, scuba diving and snorkeling.

The fresh fish restaurant Cocodrilo is located at one side of the marina and has views of the bay of Pollensa and the Cocodrilo Marina. This is definitely an area to be treasured for its peace and natural surroundings.

Mallorca at its best!